Business Finance

A business may require an injection of cash for any number of reasons. Business expansion, new projects, equipment purchase or simply to boost cash flow. Without the right financials in place for your business, it may be difficult, or even nigh on impossible to move your business forward in the way that you desire and increase the profitability.

Here at Interfinancial, we will help you to secure the funding solution that you require as quickly and hassle free as possible. We can help you to find funding from £5,000 to £1 million.
With a quick and easy application process, you could get approval for your finance package in as little as 24 hours, and the money in as little as 2 days. You don’t even have to have a perfect credit history either. Flexible payment terms and early repayment options are also available.

    What can Business Finance be used for?
  • Purchase new equipment or machinery
  • Refurbishment of office/building
  • Provide for a one-off cost
  • Finance a new project
  • Staff requirement
  • Cash flow

What to consider before applying for Business Finance
How soon do you require the loan?
What is your exit strategy? (What are your plans for repaying the loan)
Do you want a secured or unsecured loan? (Do you have anything you could use as security or collateral?)
Do you have a good or bad credit rating?

For more information… To find out more about how our short term finance solutions could work for you, request a call back using the form on this page. There is no obligation, and you will find our friendly operators willing to help you in every way.

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