Commercial Property Loans

If you are looking to finance a commercial property purchase, we can help.

Commercial property finance is fundamentally finance secured against commercial property – whether it is offices, retail, industrial or leisure premises or multiple residential properties that are being developed to be sold on. The finance may be to develop, build or purchase commercial property.

Interfinancial Limited has access to lenders for a variety of commercial property lending. You may be looking to buy a warehouse, new offices or retail premises or even looking to convert existing commercial property or build from new. Whatever your plans, quickly being able to access finance can be the make or break of the project.

We will help you, the borrower, find the quickest and easiest solution available to suit your requirements. Interfinancial Limited can help you find finance from £15,000 to £10 million, whether that be for single or multiple projects.

This type of funding is similar in nature to a bridging loan. It should be regarded as a short term facility. You need to have a solid exit strategy in place as the lender will be expecting repayment of the loan once the project has been completed, refinanced or indeed sold.

What can Commercial Property Finance be used for?
  • Quick purchase of commercial property
  • Development of property for commercial use
  • Acquiring land for development
  • Renovating business premises in order to obtain a conventional commercial mortgage

What to consider before applying for Commercial Property Finance

How soon do you require the loan?
What is your exit strategy? (What are your plans for repaying the loan)
Do you want a secured or unsecured loan? (Do you have anything you could use as security or collateral?)
Do you have a good or bad credit rating?

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